Why I didnt visit the Great Wall of China

Why I didnt visit the Great Wall China

Why I didn’t visit the Great Wall in China

Most people who visit China would include The Great Wall on their itinerary.  I did consider this option which meant I would be staying in Beijing for a few days. Beijing’s population is 24 million people and polluted.

I was travelling to China on my own and I was nervous about visiting such a populated city.  I am quite claustrophobic and I don’t like large crowds of people.  I also had my heart set on Yangshuo and Lijiang which is a long way from Beijing.

The reason why I visited China

I inherited a small amount of money and decided to spend it on travel.  I had traveled before getting married and having children, but whilst bringing up three boys we could only afford trips around New Zealand.

A film called ‘The Painted Veil’ inspired me to visit China, based on the 1925 novel by  W. Somerset Maugham.  Set in the 1930’s and filmed in London, Shanghai and Huangyao Ancient Town, Guangxi Province. Edward Norton and Naomi Watts were the main stars.   One of the first scenes of the film featured an amazing landscape of Karst Mountains.




painted veil book


Below is links to posts on Yangshuo and Huangyao Ancient town where the movie was filmed.


Yulong River Yangshuo China

Huangyao Ancient Town

Huangyao Ancient Town, Guangxi Province



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22 thoughts on “Why I didnt visit the Great Wall of China

  1. Alex

    Having been to China and visited the great wall i was interested to hear why you didn’t go. I loved being in Beijing and the wall is actually a fair distance out of the city and you can go visit it in three different spots some less touristy than others. I would have loved to have visited some of the more rural parts though. Oh well that’ll be for the next trip i take there.

  2. Cathy Dutchak

    I lived in Guangxi province over the last year and went to Yangshuo three times. I was also inspired by the Painted Veil to travel in this area. I went to the Great Wall in Beijing in 2010 and it was so packed with people that we couldn’t even move!! You made a good decision! I hope you enjoyed Yangshuo! 🙂

  3. Dai

    Nice design. I mean your website. Thanks for adding me, Lemonpath.. I’ve been to a lot of places in China, including Beijing and Yangshuo. My best times in China were during those very long train trips where we met many Chinese people, chatted with them, drank with them, taught them to play Canasta and shared our food. I’m not much of a traveller these days but I would love to visit Burma.

  4. Hannah

    You are from NZ?! Me too! although I am now living in Japan after being in the UK for 6 years!! Literally today I was just thinking about a visit to China! I have never heard of the Painted Vail but I will definitely look into it now. Found you through #Outsidesuburbia

  5. Elizabeth

    Beautiful location and movie! I can see why many people aren’t interested in the Great Wall when there is so much more beauty in other areas of the country. Happy Travels! #OutsideSuburbia

    1. Deborah Baker Post author

      Yes I would visit the Great Wall. If I visited China again I would be more confident. There was so many places I wanted to see, but China is a big country. I would also like to see The Terracota Army!

  6. Barb

    I visited China a long time ago in the mid-80-s when it had just opened its doors to outside visitors. It was quite a step back in time – a wonderful experience. This area you visited looks very scenic.

  7. artmusedog and carol

    Very creative post and photography ~ love the current scenes of China

    I agree Beijing is very polluted and the Great Wall is a big tourist trap ~ but a sight to see

    Wishing you the magic and love the season, xox
    artmusedog and carol

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