Staying in a Tahitian Fare, Moorea, French Polynesia


I booked this Fare through Airbnb, located on a French couples property on the Island of Moorea. Tahiti is known to be very expensive but this Fare was reasonably priced including breakfast and transfers to the ferry.

The Fare was made from natural materials including a traditional thatched roof.  The deck area was also a combined living area where you could enclose it with folding windows.  Bedroom and bathroom was separate and also had an extra bedroom on a mezanne floor. The property located on top of a hill had a beautiful garden of tropical plants, fruit trees and chickens.

I stayed in the Fare for six nights, the first three days it was quite overcast,  but I was happy to just relax read books, do some painting and catch up on some sleep. The breakfast’s were delicious and I had enough left over for lunch, yummy French Bread and Cheese.

Pineapples growing on the ground

Amazing breakfasts, hand made french pastries, tropical fruits, yogurt and honey

Beautiful Tropical Garden

My lovely bedroom

Bird of Paradise

The Driveway

Windows folded down


Banana’s growing in the garden


In response to The Daily Post Photography Challenge Solitude

Samoan Culture and Traditions, Savaii, Samoa

Savaii, Samoa

Whilst we were staying at Lauiula Beach Fales, Lano Beach the young man who worked on the fales invited us to watch him cook some traditional Samoan food.  He made a dish called Palusami which is taro, coconut cream and onion wrapped in taro leaves.  He prepared the fire first named a Umu using coconut shells, then adding stones. When they were hot enough he added the Palusami which took about 40mins.

Savaii, Samoa


While the food was cooking he gave a demonstration on how to extract the milk from a coconut, using a handmade coconut grating stool.

Savaii, Samoa


He invited us to church on Sunday, my sons werent that keen so I went on my own.  Each village has its own church and there seemed to be a church on every corner. They are usually painted in bright colours and families dress up for the service. I was invited into the pastor’s house which was behind the church and his wife made me a coffee.  We then went to the church service, which was all in Samoan.  There was music and singing which was beautiful.

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Below is a few pics of my three sons:

Savaii, Samoa

Son No. 3

Savaii, Samoa

Son No. 2

Savaii, Samoa

Son No. 1

Snorkelling Trip, Savaii Samoa


Snorkeling Trip Savaii Samoa

My Three Sons

Snorkeling Trip, Savaii Samoa was one of the highlights of our trip.  Dive Samoa took us too three sites which included a ship wreck.  I hired an underwater camera and one of the diver’s took some photo’s.

I was comparing the fish and coral to the Great Barrier Reef, I went diving there a long time ago.  The coral didn’t seem as colorful and the fish were quite small.  However my boys thought it was fantastic as they had never seen colorful fish and coral before.

Snorkeling Trip Savaii Samoa

Snorkeling Trip Savaii Samoa

Snorkeling Trip Savaii Samoa

Snorkeling in Savaii Samoa

Snorkeling in Savaii Samoa

Snorkelling In Savaii SamoaSnorkeling in Savaii Samoa

Snorkelling In Savaii Samoa

Dive Savaii Samoa

We had lunch at Le Lagoto Resort while we were waiting for the photos.

Dive Savaii Samoa

Dive Savaii Samoa

Le Lagoto resort taken from the Dive Boat

Happy Valentine’s Day


SAMOA valentine day

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge Life Imitates Art

This photograph taken at Lano Beach, Savaii, Samoa.  We were staying at Lauiula Beach Fales which was steps away from the ocean. The dark patch’s in the ocean are coral and where the waves break is the outer reef.

I painted a Samoan lady to remind me of our holiday in Samoa.

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Sleeping in a Samoan Fale

Lauiula Beach Fales, Lano Beach


lanoA Samoan Beach Fale is a simple hut with a thatched roof . The banana leaf blinds can be rolled up in the day to let the ocean breeze flow through.falesMy three sons and I stayed at Lauiula Beach Fales.  I had a wooden fale that had a locked door, a small patio and fridge.  The boys had a traditional woven fale.  Lano Beach has golden sand and was good for  snorkeling  at low tide. The coral was only a few metres from the beach and there was a range of colored fish. Son No.2 swam out to the outer reef, he found plastic bags wrapped around the coral so he did a bit of a clean up being a greenie!

Afu Aau Blow Holessamoan manAfu Aau Blowholes You watch the waves roll in, then hear the roar as the huge streams of water shoot up, through the tunnels in the lave.  A local man throws a bunch of coconuts over the blow holes, you watch them rocket into the air.


Alafaaga Waterfalls  We stopped at this waterfall on the way back to the fales.  The boys took a dip, I didn’t as there were nowhere to change.waterfall

Lano Beach Samoa

Tropical Paradise Le Vasa Savaii Samoa

Le Vasa
After several months browsing through Trip Advisor, looking at Pacific Islands for a holiday with my three sons, I decided on Samoa. Which island to visit Upolu or Savaii? Upolu suffered from a tsunami in 2009 and because of this the coral was badly damaged and we were keen to do some snorkeling. Savaii wasn’t badly affected by the tsunami. So Savaii it was!

Our aeroplane was late leaving so we missed the last ferry crossing from Upolu to Savaii. Standing outside the airport a taxi driver was helpful and phoned some accommodation close by. We could only get in contact with Le Vasa which I knew was expensive through all my research on Trip Advisor – but I thought ‘What The Hell’.

Arrived at the resort ten minutes later and drove through a beautiful garden of Palm Tree’s and Tropical Plants. This was my idea of a Tropical Paradise. Our accommodation was a Samoan style bungalow with a lovely deck on the water’s edge. Resort had an open restaurant and bar overlooking a large swimming pool.

The resorts reception area and bedroom had an eclectic theme decorated with antiques and tropical style furniture. My friend told me to stay at Stevenson resort but this place was still pretty nice!!

Le Vasafull_img_1202_1431934536Le Vasafull_img_1198_1431934558Le Vasa4full_ocean-view-dining--_1433406691full_sunset-oceanfront-villa_1433241087full_image-46_1433241022