Staying in a Tahitian Fare, Moorea, French Polynesia

I booked this traditional Tahitian Fare through Airbnb, located on a French couples property on the Island of Moorea. Tahiti is known to be very expensive but this Fare was reasonably priced including breakfast and transfers to the ferry.

go here The Fare was made from natural materials including a traditional thatched roof.  The deck area was also a combined living area where you could enclose it with folding windows.  Bedroom and bathroom was separate and also had an extra bedroom on a mezzainne floor. There was a small fridge, microwave and tea/coffee making facilities.

The property located on top of a hill had a beautiful garden of tropical plants, fruit trees and chickens. This was the first time I had seen pineapple plants growing The Tahitian Fare was in a area of the garden away from the main house so there was plenty of privacy.

click the following article I stayed in the Fare for six nights, the first three days it was quite overcast,  but I was happy to just relax read books, do some painting and catch up on some sleep. The remaining three days I rented a car from the owners and explored most of Moorea.

Pineapples growing on the ground The breakfasts were amazing Anne the owner made her own croissants and French pastries which were delicious. The portions were enough to feed three people so I saved some of it for my lunch.

learn more here Beautiful Tropical Garden

My lovely bedroom

Bird of Paradise

The Driveway

Windows folded down

Banana’s growing in the garden

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