Sleeping in a Samoan Fale

Lauiula Beach Fales, Lano Beach


lanoA Samoan Beach Fale is a simple hut with a thatched roof . The banana leaf blinds can be rolled up in the day to let the ocean breeze flow through.falesMy three sons and I stayed at Lauiula Beach Fales.  I had a wooden fale that had a locked door, a small patio and fridge.  The boys had a traditional woven fale.  Lano Beach has golden sand and was good for  snorkeling  at low tide. The coral was only a few metres from the beach and there was a range of colored fish. Son No.2 swam out to the outer reef, he found plastic bags wrapped around the coral so he did a bit of a clean up being a greenie!

Afu Aau Blow Holessamoan manAfu Aau Blowholes You watch the waves roll in, then hear the roar as the huge streams of water shoot up, through the tunnels in the lave.  A local man throws a bunch of coconuts over the blow holes, you watch them rocket into the air.


Alafaaga Waterfalls  We stopped at this waterfall on the way back to the fales.  The boys took a dip, I didn’t as there were nowhere to change.waterfall

Lano Beach Samoa

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