Rickshaw Run Across India from Kochi to Jaisalmer

A guest post from my oldest son Gareth Jew:

At the end of this year two friends and I from humble New Zealand will be attempting the Rickshaw Run, a 2,500km trip across India from Kochi to Jaisalmer in a seven horse power three-wheeled rickshaw. Starting 1st January 2017 over seventy different teams will be joining us, and it all happens to raise money for charity! This is organised by ‘The Adventurist’s.

One of the biggest challenges we will encounter will be the vehicles themselves. The rickshaw has the same top speed as your average ride-on lawnmower, tends to fall over if you go around corners too fast, and breaks down constantly, and that is all if we can manage to get the thing started.

We do however get to decorate our beast of a vehicle as we see fit, which makes for a colorful race as each team will be doing the same. We have decided to go with the theme of a cricket playing duck, nicknamed Ducky Bollinger, to try to attract favour with the fanatical cricket fans of India. To commit to the theme, we have decided that despite the extreme equatorial heat, we will start the race in our recently acquired duck ‘onesies’, and challenge local kids to some backyard cricket throughout the trip.

Embarking on this mad mission without an honourable motive would seem a waste, so of course, this will all be in an attempt to raise money for charity. We have selected the Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust to benefit from our efforts, a cause which is close to our teams heart.

You can find more information on our journey and follow along at:






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