Lijiang & Shuhe Ancient Towns China

Tibetan Couple

Lijiang & Shuhe Ancient Towns – My guide and I stopped off at Shuhe Ancient town for coffee on our way to a Tibetan Monastery.  Shuhe is similar to Lijiang but quieter.  Whilst sitting at a cafe a professional photographer was taking a photo of the couple above.  I asked if I could take a photo and he agreed, my guide thought that they were a Tibetan Bridge & Groom.


Lijiang Square

Lijiang Square

Quaint Streets of Lijiang

Quaint Streets of Lijiang

Lijiang Ancient Town is a three hours drive from the Tibetan border.   Built in the late Song Dynasty and the early Yuan Dynasty and has a history of more than 800 years.  The Old Town is a maze of winding cobblestone streets and is very easy to get lost. The layout of the town established to conform to the flow of three streams in adherence to “Feng Shui” design, so there was water and waste disposal for the inhabitants.

I stayed on the outskirts of the old town in a traditional courtyard hotel Kimbro Inn a ten minute walk to the main square.   My room was gorgeous with antique Chinese furniture and access to a terrace looking over the rooftops and gargoyles.

Kimbro Inn

I needed to book a train to Dali my next destination, but unfortunately none of the travel agents or staff at the hotel spoke English.  The hotel organised a Chinese girl who could speak English to help me, her name was Maggie, she was delightful and we spent the day together.She took me to a friends Tibetan Hotel for a Chinese Tea Drinking session.  We spent most of the afternoon drinking various teas and relaxing in the hotel courtyard.


Tibetan Courtyard Hotel

There are twenty ethnic groups living in Yunnan Province.  Naxi Minority ladies dance every day in the Square to entertain the tourists.  Maggie persuaded some of the ladies to have a photo taken with me, they are quite shy and don’t like being photographed.

Naxi Minority Ladies

Naxi Minority Ladies Dancing in Lijiang Square

Naxi Minority Ladies Dancing in Lijiang Square

I stayed in Lijiang on a weekend and it was very busy so I walked around the back streets to avoid the crowds.   I had planned to walk to Lion Rock which has an amazing view but I got lost.  Lijiang is 18,000 ft above sea level, I suffered from some altitude sickness, drinking lots of water seemed to help.  I found a cafe with a sign outside which read ‘Lijiang’s Best View’ so I decided to have a cold drink whilst admiring the rooftops of Lijiang.

Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

Lijiang Rooftops

Water Wheel, Lijiang Square

Water Wheel, Lijiang Square

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  2. Packing my Suitcase

    Such a beautiful place! I love the quaint streets and the ancient style of your hotel room 😀
    There are so many wonderful places to visit in China, I hope to visit them someday!

    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes 🙂

    1. Lemonpath Post author

      Depends if you have suffered from altitude sickness before. This was the first time I had experienced it, but the water helped.

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