Huangyao Ancient Town Guangxi China


Huangyao Ancient Town Guangxi China

Admiring the ancient buildings from a traditional boat

Huangyao Ancient Town, Guangxi, China

With a history of a thousand years, built-in 927 B.C, reaching its prime during the reign of Emperor Qianlang of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911).  The name Huangyao came from the family names of the townspeople mainly Huang and Yao ethnic groups.

Some scenes from the movie ‘The Painted Veil’ was filmed here.  This movie inspired me to visit China as I thought the scenery was so beautiful.

I hired a driver and English-speaking guide, from Yangshuo which took about two hours.  Drivers in China usually don’t speak English so you need hire an English speaking guide as well, this was the most expensive part of my trip.

Huangyao was the most authentic town I visited in China, the narrow cobbled lanes lined with tiny coffee shops, bars and restaurants.  It wasn’t crowded with tourists and only had a few souvenir shops.

Huangyao Ancient Town Guangxi China

Huangyao Ancient Town Guangxi China

Stone Arch Bridge

Huangyao Ancient Town Guangxi China

Huangyao Ancient Town Guangxi China

Banyan Tree

Huangyao Ancient Town Guangxi China

Quirky Cafe with hundreds of post-it's

Quirky Cafe with hundreds of post-it’s

Huangyao Ancient Town Guangxi China

This little lady is 96 years old, we lit incense before praying to a buddha in a small shrine

At the end of the day as were walking back to the car there were a group of school children on a trip.  They immediately surrounded me and they started practicing their English.  The main thing they said was ‘Pleased to Meet You’ and one girl asked me where was I from – my guide translated ‘New Zealand’.  I didn’t see any foreign people in this town so maybe they don’t often get the chance to talk to tourists.  As we drove away they were waving goodbye to me ‘They Were so Sweet’.


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24 thoughts on “Huangyao Ancient Town Guangxi China

  1. Anda

    What a beautiful place! I love that movie, “The Painted Vail” and now that I know it was filmed there I have an extra incentive to go visit Huangyao. It looks so alive! Thank you for joining #TheWeeklyPostcard this week-end.

  2. Lisa @ SLP

    This post is great. I really love that the internet can make our world a smaller place when others share what their adventures. China is on my bucket list of too see places. Hiring a translator was worth every penny I bet. Such lovely imagery here. I am thrilled to have you over at Life Thru the Lens.

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  4. Ruth

    I think I can associate some scenes of the movie with this town. CLose to Shanghai there are water towns. I went to one and it was one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen. I would like to go to different ones (and more places in China, of course).

  5. Anna

    Loved ‘The Painted Veil’ movie and you´r pictures transmit this amazing and unique atmosphere: scrolled them up and down at least 10 times. I will definitely not miss this place when in China! Thanks so much for sharing #TheWeeklyPostcard

  6. travelsewhere

    Huangyao looks so charming! I love the old world feel with the stone buildings and that Banyan tree. I’ve never been to China so this is really neat!

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