Romantic Gypsy Caravans

BOHEMIAN A person as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practice’s.

One who lives in a wandering or vagabond life as a Gypsy.

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6 thoughts on “Romantic Gypsy Caravans

  1. Spiritdancing

    Love your blog and especially these special spaces….I live in a tiny space and am falling in love with it…thank you for sharing you…

  2. Spiritdancing

    you have been getting my posts, that is why i didn’t put my blog on your reply form…:)
    my tiny space is a an 8×10 room that i rent, i sleep in it and cook in it, i have turned it into my spiritual center and have made peace with it. I lost my home to a foreclosure in 2008 and have been basically homeless since then, never roofless, which is great, i am not complaining, just explaining, i have learnt so much on this journey, i wouldnt trade it for anything…i was gifted a laptop and then i was able to start my blogging again after all of these years…i am so happy…i am 73 years young, and love life!!! thank you for following my blog and i love your pictures and your travels

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