My Experience Staying in a Homestay, Ubud, Bali

I decided to stay in a homestay as I usually like to stay in accommodation that reflects the country’s culture. Rumah Roda Homestay is a traditional Balinese family compound where three generations live on the property. The pool and garden separated the family living quarters from the homestay allowing some privacy.

Rumah Roda is situated on a quiet lane and walking distance to the busy main street. Nearby a ten minute walk takes you to the rice fields.

A book named ‘A Little One O’clock’ has been published portraying the family history. More information available on their website at

Rumah Roda Homestay overlooking the Pool

The Homestay overlooks a tropical garden surrounded by Hindu statues and a delightful swimming pool. The rooms were very large with a bathroom, air-conditioning, fridge and a large terrace.  The cost for one night is from IDR400,00 (about US$23) which included breakfast.

A restaurant is open all day overlooking a lane where you can view daily Balinese life.  Tea or coffee is available all day, Balinese coffee is delicious.

Terrace outside Rooms where I relaxed in the Afternoons

Overlooking the Roof Tops

In the mornings I walked in the heat, visiting temples and sightseeing.  Afternoons I relaxed on the lovely terrace outside my room, overlooking the rooftops, writing in my diary and reading a good book. A small temple nearby would play Balinese music every evening creating a Balinese ambiance, this was so peaceful and relaxing.

Whilst I was staying here there was a three-day Hindu festival called ‘Gulungan’ The family decorated the statues in the garden and made Bamboo decorations that lined the streets of Ubud. The family cooked me a traditional lunch consisting of Pork and Balinese vegetables.

Hindu Statues

Festival Decorations

The family and the staff at Rumah Roda were very friendly and as I was travelling on my own; it was nice to have someone to talk to.  I took two trips with the owners son to Tellallang Rice Terraces and North Bali.

Dharta the owner of the homestay speaks good English, is a character and was very helpful.

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