Every Painting Tells A Story

One of my jobs is to visit an old woman who has dementia and is now in a rest home.  She is a famous painter and was an art teacher.  I take her out for a coffee, go for a walk or we paint together.  Having someone to paint with motivates her and she often gives me advice.

I did this painting at the rest home, with no sketches or plan as I am only there for two hours per visit.

My other job is I do accounts for a community non-profit organisation.

Mixed Media Art

My friend holds a craft/art night occasionally.  She usually gives us prompts or themes.  The prompt of this painting was to do a sketch from a magazine.  I used water-color for the face and glued which I glued to a collage background.

Don’t you think she looks like Stevie Nick’s? from the band Fleetwood Mac.

Mixed Media Art


I thought I’d give intuitive painting a go, which is where you draw random shapes with no plan.  I did this a few days after one of my chickens had died and I was very upset.  So this painting ended up with a few egg shapes.

Mixed Media Art

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11 thoughts on “Every Painting Tells A Story

  1. Anabel

    I do see the Stevie Nicks resemblance (though she is blonder). Of the three, my favourite is the top one – something about the colours and the shapes.

    Your times with the old lady sound lovely. I imagine it’s a more interesting job than the accounts, but I could be wrong.

    1. Lemonpath

      I have good and bad days with the old lady, some days she cant make up her mind where she wants to sit. Sometimes it is hard to understand what she is saying, I have to try and work out what she’s saying by asking her questions.

      I enjoy my accounts job, I have worked for many non-profit organisations and its different to working for a company trying to make money/profit. There is usually a more relaxed atmosphere, my current job is funded by the Council. Also my boss is very funny and different.

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