Bohemian Style Dresses for Summer

Bohemian Style Dresses are usually loose-fitting and comfortable.  These crisp, white dresses are ideal for the beach, a romantic or tropical holiday.  White cotton clothing looks great against tanned, bronze skin and is cooling if you live or travelling in a hot country.


3 thoughts on “Bohemian Style Dresses for Summer

  1. Martta Karol

    I love, love, LOVE these dresses! The “bohemian” style–which I think of as “hippie,” since it so much reminds me of my days in San Francisco in the late Sixties and the fashions that were spawned in the wake of that period for some time to come (Yves Saint-Lauren designed some fantastic bohemian/hippie fashion in, I think, the Eighties, though maybe earlier than that–perhaps you’ve seen some of those fashions, too?). Are these dresses from a New Zealand designer? Or perhaps Australian? They are really wonderful. Thank you for sharing them. Makes me wish I wasn’t such an old lady now! Ha-ha!

    1. Deborah Baker Post author

      I had no idea that Yves Saint-Lauren designed Hippie clothing I will try and find some pictures. I did go through a Hippie stage in the mid seventies. I am sure we could wear a full length Kaftan.

  2. Nelia de Villiers

    This is beautiful pictures. This soft lace flowing dresses shows of the beauty of woman in a great way. Makes me think of my sister. She loved, still loves this look She is tall enough to wear it in great style. What better setting than the sea, with the white sand, the sea and the memories of holiday. Love it!!

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