Art Swap: Using Text Pages

November’s art swap was to create two pieces of artwork using text pages. I used a page from a 1950’s children’s book for the elephant painting and a page from ‘Flow’ Magazine, for the Mandala painting. The paper is not glossy like some magazine and ideal for artwork.

I used ‘Prima’ – Tropical water colors for both paintings.

My swap parnter for this month Bernadette from Oregon sent me this very cute little note book.

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4 thoughts on “Art Swap: Using Text Pages

  1. Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread

    These are lovely. I have been trying to find just an old fashioned farm coloring book to use for patterns, and I can’t find one. Most of the coloring books today are cartoonish characters which is great for the young but not for the senior who wants to use them for appliqué patterns. 🙂

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