My Admiration for Chinese Women

Bai Lady

Bai Lady

I was sitting in a cafe  in Dali, Yunnan Province, China.  Whilst I was sipping my coffee watching people walk past, I took these photo’s of some Chinese woman, I took these from behind as I thought it would be rude to run in front of them.

The photo above is a lady from the Bai Minority Ethnic Group which is one of the main groups in Yunnan.  Her large basket was laden with oranges which she was selling to buy some food.  I admired the intricate embroidery on her traditional clothing.

Bai Lady

Bai Lady

The streets of Dali lined with people selling food, clothing and souvenirs. The above photos show the different ways they transport their wares.  Chinese woman work hard and are able to carry heavy loads.

I walked past a house being renovated with piles of concrete and gravel in the driveway.  There were only women shoveling the building materials into wheel-barrows.

I stood there for a moment watching them and was completely awestruck.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge Admiration

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7 thoughts on “My Admiration for Chinese Women

  1. swansea historic family stories by diane heddon

    The men now have work in the Cities not so much rice paddies on the go there, the Women do the chores, housework, look after family, and fix any thing broken..The Chinese people in general have a wonderful bond, re; working together. Beautiful picture even from the back colourful view thanks for this nice realization. Diane in Oz.

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